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Hey everyone!~ ; v ; I hope you've all had a great summer so far! 

Just real quick I'd like to tell you guys about an amazing group I joined!~ It's:
You are one of the recently deceased, lost from the world and dead from the living. Yet, you find yourself in a strange world, transported to another place - one which feels familiar, but you don't know why. Opening your eyes you see red all around you; tall and graceful stalks with curling spidery flowers. A field of spider lilies. In the distance, so faintly, there are a cluster of buildings; a small complex...

Will you go there and take your second chance at happiness?
Lovely group and description by: :iconshiiratsuki:
I was afraid I'd butcher the description so I've used yours bbu sorrysorry :iconpapcryplz:

Anyways, if you've read this far you must be curious! :iconyuinodplz: We are currently open and it's quite easy to join us if you'd like.
Here are a few links to get you started:

SETTINGLost from the world of the living, you are one of the many youths who have passed on too early, underachieved and yearning for a second chance. In death your spirit will not rest and nor does it have a determined place to go, but still in your last moments you hope to gain peace.
Yet, as you fall into the blackness and reach your end, you find yourself waking. The air smells strange and fragrant, fresh and somehow familiar to you. There is a light breeze but there is warmth upon your skin. You almost believe that your death was a dream and you are, in fact, still alive. Only when you open your eyes and see the world do you realize your hopes were in vain.
This red world though, covering you with stalks and curling petals, it feels known to you. You feel as if you have been here before but cannot remember how or why. Nothing comes to mind when you try to remember. In the fields of spider lilies, into the distance, you see a cluster of buildings. Several, perhaps maybe a complex. It is a
RULESThank you for your interest in joining Lycoris Estate. Before you join the grounds of this complex, there are some formal rules and regulations you should read through and ensure you understand completely. Failure to read these through and applying may result in a failure to apply correctly.
General Regulations
✻ You may not use language above and beyond a PG 13 rating without the correct filters on artwork or warnings in text submissions. No inappropriate language is to be used in public chat rooms or on applications. This applies to sexual content as well.
✻ You may not abuse, be racism, harass or offend other members under any circumstances. Fighting between members will not be tolerated. Please keep your personal lives outside of group activity.
✻ Do not be inactive within the group without informing us why, especially if it is going to be long lengths of time. We can be perfectly understanding of circumstances, but please let us know so we are aware. We
RESERVATIONS [CLOSED]:new: Student are now being accepted ! Please be sure to read through everything thoroughly. Staff reservations are now firmly closed so please do not try to reserve one. Also don't be alarmed if you notice your reservation has a link attached to it; this does not necessarily mean I have accepted you unless explicitly said so, it is simple a way for me to track whom I have checked and received and whom I have no.

Thank you for your interest in Lyc0ris; this is where you may reserve your resident's occupation and place within the world. Please be mindful that certain positions are limited in spaces and we won't be accepting everyone. Please try to keep an even amount of numbers to the positions you would like. You will have a better chance of being accepted if your character is detailed and unique. Staff may reserve the same classes however we will not be accepting two of the same. i.e if two people apply for one class, only one of you will be accepted. We will accept the most w
THE COMPLEXLyc0ris Estate
Welcome to Lyc0ris Estate, or the Red Estate. Within an endless field of red spider lilies the complex stands in the center holding various buildings that make up the entire large estate. Having no formal name it has been nicknamed the 'Red' estate over the years for the flowers that color the land. The buildings within the estate have also come to occupy a similar principle. These are simple and basic explanations as to what the complex is like and what each building contains.
Lycoris Academy
Nicknamed the 'Red' Academy; it is the principle high school on the grounds of the estate where all minors under the age of eighteen attend and spend their existence. Fairly modern in appearance, the building seems to be devoid of any specific ethnic influence with mostly white stone and glass. The structure is simple and contains only a single connecting hallway which adjoins to the college structure.
Lycoris College
Nicknamed the 'Red' or 'Scarlett' College;
Welcome to Lyc0ris, or the Red Estate, as it is more formally known. As a resident, there are a few things that need to be bared in mind when presenting yourself. Please take the time to read through this handbook and use the information as a guide to your image.
[Applicable to All]
✻ At least 75% of the body must be visible, meaning that your application should be at least knees up.
✻ Natural colors are recommended and preferred, however, the use of hair dye and contacts are permitted in moderation.
✻ Tattoos and piercings should only be added to those of legal age. Most countries do not permit tattoos on those under 18. Minors will only be permitted if they are from a country that allows them. It is not advised for them to be excessive either. Think of your image.
✻ It is preferred that past lives are not too traumatic and disastrous as they must be believable. We do not mind some drama and a darker, sadder past given the th……

If you check those, you should be set! ALSO IMPORTANT once you've looked over everything, please reserve your character before you start your application. It also helps to know that we're looking for complete applications! If you've worked hard to draw your character, let us hear a bit about them! ; 7 ; They can't be that lost sillies! 

For staff and teacher applications you have 10 days left!
As for students! There isn't a set deadline yet so feel free to start early!

Anyways, this group  is set up really well and has such a great plot! There are many classes to choose from and if you tend to like casual or school rps, then I know you'll enjoy this one! :iconyuiyumplz:

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